COMPANIES FROM EUROPE 

* In our efforts in effect to create a ‘Multistore for the provision of information to the consumer’.

* We are pleased to announce the launching of our website presenting professionals from all countries of the European Union.

* The platform ‘Companies from Europe’ allows the visitor to quickly and easily search for export companies, wholesale traders, retail sales stores, service provider professionals and in one click can refine the search to the country or area the professional is looking for.

* In the same way the company being promoted can easily and quickly determine the sales category as well as easily and quickly providing details of its products, thus it can showcase itself on our site (company logo – profile – up to 5 kinds of products – and up to 10 products with detailed descriptions – and finally links to their own site)

* Recognising that in the European marketplace where 1) the vendor is at the same time a consumer 2) the local purchaser is also an international purchaser, and that all this takes place wholly via the internet, we have created the package which easily and swiftly unites vendors with purchasers and local buyers with buyers throughout Europe without the visitor wasting time on needless clicks.

* In the same straightforward way, we address ourselves to professionals who would like to promote themselves on our website, informing them that their company can be showcased easily and fast. Simply send us photographic material of the categories and the products from the categories you wish to present, the company logo, company profile and any contact information you wish the visitor to see. We request that the texts be written in English so that they can be most easily automatically translated by our programme into all EU languages (company details should always be permitted in the public domain and never subject to personal data regulations) and once we have presented your company, we shall send you the invoice to be paid into our official company account appearing on the invoice.


For further information, please contact our company

e-mail info[@]companies-from-europe.com

Greece N.Pellas Edessa website manager Petkidou Vasiliki