Olivera d’Atenea Brava Sauce. With a spicy touch!

La Brava Sauce is one of the most popular sauces in the spanish cuisine.
Characteristic for its spiciness, the Brava Sauce is issential to savor the authentic “patatas bravas”, and to give a daring touch to all kind of meat or fish recipes.
It pairs perfectly with steamed mussels and seafood, as well as roasted vegetables.

Olivera d’Atenea Pesto Sauce

A classic of traditional Italian cuisine, whose base is fresh basil that gives it its characteristic flavor.
Pesto is a light and refreshing sauce perfect to accompany pasta dishes, as well as salads, vegetables or meats. It also makes a great pizza topping and a base for vinaigrettes.

Olivera d’Atenea Romesco Sauce with Olive Oil

One of the most traditional sauces in Tarragona coast. Of marine origin, this traditional sauce is made with a rich base of tomato, olive oil, garlic and toasted nuts, that give the Romesco sauce a unique an incomparable flavor.
Perfect to accompany fish dishes, grilled vegetables or saldas. It is the essential base to prepare a good suquet.

Bio d’Atenea Organic Mayonnaise

Bio d’Atenea Green Olivada Sauce

Exquisite olive sauce made with 2 varieties of olives: arbequina and green, which stand out for their incredible aroma.
Due to its delicate texture, the Green Olivada is ideal for spreading on toasts or canapés, and for preparing delicious salad dressings.

Apple Vinaigrette


Olive oil 34%, apple puree 34%, white balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, concentrated white grape must and preservative: E-220 sulphites), water, lemon juice, starch, sugar, salt, stabiliser: xanthan gum, flavor and colours: E-100 and E-131.

Mango Vinaigrette


Olive oil, mango purée, white balsamic vinegar (white wine vinegar, concentrated white grape must and preservative (E-220 sulphites)), water, lemon juice, modified starch, sugar, salt, aroma and stabiliser (xanthan gum).

“Chimichurri” Sauce


Water, wine vinegar (wine vinegar and preservative: E-220 sulphites), salt, red pepper, onion, lemon flavour, parsley, sugar, stabiliser (xanthan gum and carrageenan), oregano, basil, garlic and spices.

Light Chocolate sauce


Water, defatted cocoa powder, vegetable fibre, flavour, acid (lactic acid), colour (E-150d), stabiliser (xanthan gum), salt, sweetener (sucralose) and ferric saccharate.

Vegan Bolognese Sauce
Olivera d’Atenea Vegan Bolognese Sauce

A 100% vegetable sauce with all the taste of the traditional Bolognese sauce.
Made with the highest quality ingredients, the Vegan Bolognese Sauce is perfect to accompany all kinds of pasta, pizza, lasagna dishes… And to prepare delicious stuffed aubergines.

“Allioli” (garlic sauce) with Sunflower oil or with Olive oil
Olivera d’Atenea Allioli

with Sunflower Oil or with Olive Oil
The Allioli or Aioli is a typical sauce of a Mediterranean cuisine that is made with garlic and oil.
Due to its intense and aromatic flavor, it is the perfect ally for such famous dishes as fideuá, gratin cod or potatoes with aioli, as well as grilled meats or seafood.

Organic “Allioli” (Garlic Sauce)
Bio d’Atenea Allioli

The Allioli or Aioli is a typical sauce of a Mediterranean cuisine that is made with garlic and oil.
Due to its intense and aromatic flavor, it is the perfect ally for such famous dishes as fideuá, gratin cod or potatoes with aioli, as well as grilled meats or seafood.

Organic “Calçots” Sauce
Bio d’Atenea Calçots Sauce

Traditional sauce essential to dip the Calçots in a calçotada. There is no calçotada without the Bio d’Atenea Calçots Sauce!
With a slightly spicy flavor and light texture, the Calçots Sauce is also perfect to accompany fish, seafood, vegetables and salads.

Truffled Asparagus Sauce

Water, green asparagus, olive oil, wine vinegar (contains sulphites), starch, garlic, salt, sugar, cream powder (contains milk), brandy, spices, stabiliser (xanthan gum), acid (citric acid) and truffle flavour.


About us

Our Company

At Técnicas de Elaboración de Salsas we have set ourselves a challenge: to create the best sauces and salad dressings, using high-quality natural products, so that all our consumers can enjoy their food on a daily basis.

Each day, our production processes are subject to rigorous controls.

We carefully select the best suppliers to obtain our raw materials, and have strict production procedures, to ensure that the final result is sauces and dressings with a high added value.

We are able to produce, innovate and grow, giving clear and conclusive responses with a high level of personalisation. We collaborate with our clients throughout the product creation process, to maintain and bring out the properties of each ingredient and always trying to meet the demands and needs of an increasingly demanding market.

The high performance of our production lines, which can be adjusted for different formats and capacities, the highest quality through the use of the most advanced technology and a wide range of products have enabled us to become highly competitive, offering our clients the best value.

At Técnicas de Elaboración de Salsas, we are committed to the environment, our human team, our clients and the final consumer.

Our products must at all times be synonymous with security and confidence.

Our Quality

The main task of the quality department is the ongoing search to balance an efficient process for transforming raw materials with the highest quality of the final product.

The traceability of all our products begins with an advanced management system, covering the selection and origin of the raw materials, where attention is paid to all stages of the production process, nutrition values and the colour, smell and flavour properties.

In addition to strict compliance with all established cleanliness and hygiene protocols, there are also rigorous checks on packaging and auxiliary materials, ensuring perfect conservation of the final product and maximum convenience for the consumer.

We ensure there is accurate rotation of products and strict quality control, based on regular analyses of the final product, to guarantee compliance with the quality limits established by our demanding department.

Compliance with this quality and food safety system allows us to hold IFS (International Food Standard) certification, reaching an internationally-recognised quality standard for all products created by Técnicas de Elaboración de Salsas.

Organic products

At Técnicas de Elaboración de Salsas we are aware of the importance of conserving the environment and protecting natural resources.

Registration with the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production) and our compliance with European environmental regulations demonstrate our commitment to these standards and guarantee the high quality of our organic products.

Our organic products are produced, packaged and sold in accordance with organic farming standards, protecting the integrity of their origin and guaranteeing that our consumers will enjoy their food.




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