The Jonagold is a large to extremely large apple with a red-greenish colour and a striking red bloom.

The light yellow flesh is firm and juicy.  The pleasant sweet-sour taste makes it particularly multi-faceted.  Suitable for use both as an eating apple as well as in cookery.

The Jonagold is available from September until August.

Golden Delicious

The Golden Delicious is a large apple.  Its colour during picking is green at first and evolves to a typical golden-yellow.

The fresh flesh of the Golden Delicious is yellow and crisp.  If the apple is stored for longer the flavour becomes sweeter and it gets its typical taste.  Golden Delicious is a good hand apple that also tastes nice in apple pie and fruit salad.

Golden Delicious is available from September until July.


The Jonagored is a red brother of the Jonagold.  It is a juicy and crisp apple with a natural warm-red colour.

The flesh of the Jonagored is cream-coloured with a strong and fresh smell, which is emphasized by the special relation beweet sweet and sour.  In short, Jonagored is an excellent, well digestible eating apple.

The Jonagored is available from September until July.

Reinders Golden

The Reinders Golden is a firm, large apple.  It is slightly smoother than a normal Golden.  The initial green colour evolves to a typical golden-yellow when it is picked.

The flesh of the Reinders Golden is yellow and crisp.  If the apple is stored for longer, it becomes sweeter and gets a typical flavour.  Reinders Golden is a good hand apple that also tastes nice in apple pie and fruit salad.

Reinders Golden is available from October until August.


Kanzi is a shiny, bright-red apple with a refined flavour and a crunchy bite.

Its fruit is fresh, juicy and tart.

Kanzi is available from October until June.


Greenstar is a large to medium-sized apple with attractive smooth shape and a shine deep green skin.

This apple has a very good acid flavour, high sugar content and it is packed with vitamin C.  Greenstar is fresh and its crunchiness, which is incredibly long lasting, is without equal.  The flesh is very firm and juicy and does not discolour after cutting, making Greenstar highly suitable for dishes or as a garnish or for salads.

Greenstar is available from October until July.

Granny Smith

The Granny Smith is a rather small green apple.

The Granny Smith has quite a sour taste and very firm flesh.  Because of this, it has quite a long shelf life.

Granny Smith is available form October until July.


The Elstar is a beautiful yellow-red apple with a handy size.  It was developed from a cross-fertilisation between Golden Delicious and Ingrid Marie.

The Elstar has a wonderful light sweet smell and is an ideal hand apple.

The Elstar is available from September until May.


A “Schone van Boskoop” (a nice-looking Boskoop) is a robust, brownish-red apple with a rough skin.

The flesh of a Boskoop is sour and firm, which is why it is the best kitchen apple.  Especially used as a cooking apple.

The Boskoop is available from September until July.

Cox’s Orange Pippin

Attractive round fruit, ranging in size form small to medium.  Orange-yellow, enhanced with a light pinkish-red bloom.

Its light yellow flesh is aromatic and extremely juicy.  A delicious dessert apple.

Cox’s Orange Pippin is available from September until April.



The Conference is a slender pear.  It is small to medium-sized.  The fruit is green-brown and becomes light yellow when ripened.  The flesh is white but also turns more yellow when the pear ripens.

The Conference is very fine, sweet and juicy.  That is why it is the ideal table pear.

The Conference is available from September until July.

Doyenné du Comice

The Doyenné du Comice is a large fruit with a short stalk and a yellow-green colour with a brown-red bloom.  The flesh is white.

This extremely juicy pear has a very sweet taste.  All these characteristics make it the queen of pears.  Doyenné du Comice is therefore an ideal dessert pear.

The Doyenne du Comice is available from September until March.


When it is picked the Durondeau has a rough dark-green skin with brown-red flesh.  As it ripens, the skin gets a warm golden colour.  The flesh is white.

A Durondeau has a typical sour taste.  When it is picked in September this pear is only meant for use in the kitchen.  From October it is an excellent dessert pear.

The Durondeau is available from September until January.

Beurré Alexander Lucas

Beurré Alexander Lucas is a large, even pear.  The pear is green, and turns yellow later.

The pear is quite juicy and moderately sweet.  The flesh is coarse and grainy.

Sweet Sensation

Sweet Sensation is a conically shaped, robust pear with a beautiful red striped bloom.

The white flesh is extremely juicy, sweet and aromatic.  Very delicious pear.


Strawberries are shiny red, sound and dry and they have a fresh green crown. Strawberries are juicy, have an orange colour inside and have a nice flavour and rather a strong aroma.  They contain a large amount of vitamins (A, B and C) and minerals (calcium, phosphor, sodium and patassium).  They are also low in calories.

Strawberries are sorted by quality and size.

The most important cultivars are:

ELSANTA is the standard cultivar used in Belgium.  Elsanta has a red conic shape with a small calyx.  The Elsanta is a very tasty strawberry, and one of the best-performing cultivars as regards shelf life, taste and firmness.

SONATA has an orange-red conic shape with a small calyx.  Its fruit is rather sweet with great flavour.  The fruit is easily bruised.  Sonata’s crops are a little later than Elsanta.

FIGARO yield large, big orange-red strawberries with a large calyx.  These strawberries are clearly larger than Elsanta and Sonata strawberries.  The plants sometimes bear hollow fruit.  Its fruit is firm.

DARSELECT is a cultivar with a shape that can be compared to that of Elsanta, but is somewhat more elongated.  The calyx is more voluminous but tends to wither rapidly when grown on poles.  The fruit itself tends to darken and tarnish rapidly under warm conditions and is more readily bruised than Elsanta, but less than Sonata.  The Darselect strawberries have a good, sweet flavour.

CLERY is a very attractive, relative long conical fruit with a beautiful red colour.  Relative firm texture and pleasant taste.

Thanks to modern cultivation techniques, strawberries are available from March until December.


Cherries are rather large to very large stone fruits.  Depending on the kind, they vary in colour from light pink to dark red.

There are various types of cherries:

Hedelfinger / Brown Bigarreau / White Bigarreau / Regina / Kordia / Summit / Sweetheart / Sylvia / Lapins

Cherries must be juicy with a soft flavour that can vary from sour to sweet.  The proportions between flesh and stone must be favourable and the cherries may not show signs of splits.  Cherries are very rich in fibrous tissue, contain a lot of vitamin C and have a low calorie content.

Cherries are available from June until September.

Berries / currants

Red currant










Quality characteristics:

Traditional Belgian beef tomatoes

Multilocular structure

Firm flesh

Full of taste, juicy

Many preparation possibilities


+ 57 mm / + 70 mm / + 82 mm / + 92 mm / + 102 mm


Quality characteristics:

Loose tomatoes with a deep-red colour

Homogeneous fruits

Consistent quality

Long shelf life


+ 47 mm / + 57 mm / + 70 mm / + 82 mm


It is best to store tomatoes at a temperature of 12 – 16°C.  Therefore, store tomatoes at a cool place, but not in the refrigerator.  Tomatoes are very sensitive to decay because of low temperatures.  A too cold storage also has a baleful influence on the flavour.








Sweet peppers







Rode en witte kool








Who are we?

Vergro PVBA was set up in December 1968 by Hendrik Vermeersch and Eric Noppe. The company originally specialized in the export of vegetables and fruit to France, in particular; and solely Belgian products were exported to both wholesalers and supermarkets.

In 1984, Vergro set up its own transport company, Vergro Internationaal Vervoer, in order to offer an efficient and competitive service.

In 1994, Dominiek Noppe joined the business and investments were made in expanding the company.

As a result of the takeover of NV Vanmarcke Roger & Zonen in 1996, Germany became the main business partner.


jonagolden 4 stuksIn 1998, a seller from England was engaged in order to enter into the English market. We may say we were successful because England was considered as a difficult business partner.


Over the years, Vergro experienced an exponential growth. A number of successful take-overs followed, as a result of which Vergro enhanced its position and was able to enter new markets, such as Poland, Russia, Spain, Italy, Norway and Sweden.

In 2003, Vergro opened a second branch in Sint-Truiden, allowing the company to improve its purchasing and logistics and offer clients a perfect service.

In 2006, Alexandra Noppe also joined the company.

peren2The strength of Vergro is that it has employees on location in both the fruit growing regions and the vegetable growing regions. This means that loading can take place in Meulebeke, Roeselare, Sint-Katelijne-Waver, Hoogstraten as well as in Sint-Truiden, as a result of which Vergro is able to offer a flexible approach towards its clients, and unnecessary transport costs can be avoided. The employee approves the products on location, with regard to the quantity and quality, and ensures a smooth procedure.


HACCP and Q&S certification, obtained in 2006, are proof of the strong service and quality of Vergro. In 2010, the company was also certified by Autocontrole.


The fast growth led to the need for larger premises in Sint-Truiden. In 2007, new industrial sites were purchased and, in September 2008, the company was able to move to the new location which was equipped with a fully refrigerated warehouse.


At present, the Vergro group has a staff of approximately 30 people and realizes a turnover of more than € 100 million.


Vergro distinguishes itself from other companies by supplying a high-quality product and good service at an acceptable price.

Welcome to Vergro

VERGRO NV has already been active in the sector of fresh vegetables and fruit for more than 40 years, and in recent years, the company has grown to become one of the largest export companies in Belgium.

On a daily basis, Vergro exports mainly Belgian products to all parts of Europe, and presently exports to more than 20 countries. Exports to Russia, France, Germany, England and the Czech Republic represent more than 70% of the total turnover.

Vergro is the specialist in tomatoes, leeks, lettuce, strawberries, apples and pears! As well as these main products, Vergro also has a wide range of other products.

€ureka Fresh is the own brand name of Vergro, and only superior quality vegetables and fruit are selected to bear this brand name.

At present, the Vergro group has a staff of approximately 30 people and realizes a turnover of more than € 100 million.




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website : www.vergro.com