Greenhouse products

JH Wagenaar supplies a wide range of greenhouse products all year round. From tomato to courgette: anything is possible.

Greenhouse products

JH Wagenaar BV is a major player in the sales of greenhouse products.

These products are supplied to clients in retail, wholesale, chopping and gastronomy. This product group also includes sales to the food-processing industry, predominately of cucumbers, peppers and courgettes.

Bell pepper

Peppers have a firm pericarp. Beneath the pericarp is a white core, which contains the seeds. Peppers are also called sweet peppers or bell peppers. The most common colours are yellow, red, green and orange, but they also come in special colours such as brown, lilac and purple. Peppers are delicious when eaten raw, in a salad, stir-fry or stuffed and grilled. Dutch peppers are available all year round, except in January and February. June to October is the height of the pepper season.


Cucumber is a long, plump fruit with a crunchy green skin. The flesh is transparent white with a jelly-like core containing edible seed. It is often used raw in salads or on bread to give it some ‘bite’, but it is also delicious in soups or stir-fries. Cucumbers are available in the Netherlands from January to November.


Tomatoes have a fresh taste and are extremely juicy. They are available in many varieties. Tomatoes are also suitable for a wide range of preparations: in soup, in sauce or grilled, for instance. Many healthy nutrients are present in tomatoes. Tomatoes also contain potassium, which plays a major role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Dutch tomatoes are plentiful from January until November.


Eggplants have a neutral flavour which makes them a popular ingredient in many dishes. They are delicate fruits that are sensitive to temperatures below 15 °C, meaning they should not be stored in the refrigerator. Eggplants grown in the Netherlands are available from February until November. Supply is dependent on import in the remaining months.

Stockpiling products

In the fresh market, we also specialise in stockpiling products. These products are usually harvested/cut in large quantities at the end of the season for storage in cold stores, where conditions are optimised for long-term storage (at times when this is no longer possible in the open). JH Wagenaar BV specialises in the storage of cabbage, celeriac, carrots, turnips, beetroot, onions and potatoes.






Eggplants have a neutral flavour which makes them a popular ingredient in many dishes. They are delicate fruits that are sensitive to temperatures below 15 °C, meaning they should not be stored in the refrigerator. Eggplants grown in the Netherlands are available from February until November. Supply is dependent on import in the remaining months.


Celeriac is a fairly large, pale brown tuber, approximately 15 cm in diameter, with lots of nodes and roots. Like white and green celery, celeriac is part of the celery family. It is the thick, edible root of the celery plant. Celeriac is grown for its tuber, but the green leaves can also be eaten. Celeriac with leaves is only available in the early spring. Celeriac has a creamy white colour on the inside. It has an aromatic smell and sweetish taste. Celeriac is a traditional vegetable in the Netherlands, where it is typically used in pea soup and celery salad. It is available all year round.

Opperdoezer Ronde

The Opperdoezer Ronde is a small, yellow/white fleshed potato with a yellow skin and an irregular shape. It is a waxy potato. The potato’s extremely thin skin makes it fragile, which is why it is harvested by hand. The Opperdoezer Ronde is an early potato that is harvested from late June until late September. The Opperdoezer Ronde is available until the end of December. It is a unique potato that may only be grown in the Dutch village of Opperdoes. Opperdoezer Ronde is a protected name in Europe.

Red cabbage

Red cabbage is oval to round in shape, has smooth, dark-red to purple outer leaves and a spherical, closed, red head. Red cabbage has a typical cabbage taste. This cabbage is perfect for mashed potato and vegetable dishes, as well as in salads and casseroles. Red cabbage grown in the Netherlands is available all year round.

White cabbage

White cabbage has smooth, creamy white to pale green outer leaves and a spherical, closed and firm head. White cabbage has a typical cabbage taste and is perfect for mashed potato and vegetable dishes as well as in salads and casseroles. Traditionally, cabbage is a winter vegetable but nowadays it is available all year round in the Netherlands.


Conical cabbage is a member of the white cabbage family, yet is somewhat milder in flavour. Although conical cabbage can be eaten raw in salads, other possibilities include stewing, boiling or stir-frying it. In the Netherlands, conical cabbage is in season from roughly May through March.


Red beets are related to sugar beets and fodder beets. They grow in elongated and round varieties, although the latter is more common. Red beets are available year-round.


The carrot belongs to the Umbelliferae family. It is a large, thick, orange root. Rich in vitamin A, carrots are delicious and wholesome. They are nice and crunchy, the ideal snack, and can be fried, boiled, stewed or even stir-fried. Dutch carrots are available all year round.




Field grow produce

In the Netherlands, JH Wagenaar BV is the market leader in the sale of field grow products from Noord-Holland, such as cauliflower, broccoli, iceberg lettuce and Brussels sprouts. These products are also grown outdoors but do not fall into the category of products that are stockpiled (i.e. they are not “brought in” from the land to be sold at a later date). The centre for the supply and transhipment of cauliflower, broccoli and chicory is DC Tolpoort, which is also where our office is.


Brussels sprouts are tiny cabbages that grow on a stalk; they are bright green in colour. The taste is bitter, although some varieties cultivated today have a slightly sweet flavour as well. Dutch Brussels sprouts are available from October through February.


Broccoli is often used in stir-fry dishes. It is also frequently seen in salads. Broccoli is extremely good for you, as it contains numerous antioxidants. Dutch broccoli is available from May until November. Supply is dependent on import in the remaining months.

Iceberg Lettuce

Iceberg lettuce is pleasantly fresh and crisp. It is often used for salads or in a sandwich. Iceberg salad grown in the Netherlands is available all summer long. Supply is dependent on import in the remaining months.


Chicory has traditionally been known for its bitter taste. When chicory is stir-fried, however, its flavour becomes sweet instead. Chicory is often eaten raw in salads or baked into casseroles. Chicory is available year-round.


Cauliflower is a tasty, easily digestible type of cabbage with plenty of different ways to prepare it. The best known dish in the Netherlands is the typically Dutch meatball with potatoes and cauliflower with white sauce or cheese sauce. Cauliflower is also delicious in a stir-fry. Cauliflower comes in white, green and even purple-red varieties. Another variety is Romanesco, which has a yellow-green pyramid-shaped head and a milder and sweeter taste than white cauliflower. Cauliflower grown in the Netherlands is available from late June until early November.




J.H. Wagenaar has a broad specialisation in the sale of staple products, industrial, field and greenhouse products throughout Europe. Sales in the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic are particularly significant.

In addition to wholesale and industrial sales, the company also supplies retail, chopping and gastronomy clients. Wagenaar occupies a unique position in the industrial trade of cucumbers in particular.

Within the fresh goods market, the company has also specialised in sales of staple products and other field products. For this reason, Wagenaar also presents itself as a field specialist for North Holland.


All of the sites where JH Wagenaar sells its products have their own quality management system. These management systems are certified by external certification bodies. We also have the most important certificates: QS, IFS and SKAL. We are always working on our quality management system, as assuring food safety is our highest priority. Supplier ratings, inspecting logistics service providers and assuring customer satisfaction are the key components of this system. The system is kept up to date by a quality management team comprising members from the various departments of the company. JH Wagenaar BV’s system is part of The Greenery Kwaliteitssysteem, which is supported by the Quality and Environment department.


JH Wagenaar BV is the industrial specialist at The Greenery. We have earned this reputation from the way we sell our products to canning, cutting, drying, deep-freezing and other businesses in the food processing industry.


We meet this demand in the Netherlands, Germany, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe. We use the excess supply from The Greenery growers as well as from other suppliers. Greenhouse products that we supply to the industry include: cucumbers, peppers and courgettes. Field grow products that we supply to the industry are: celeriac, cauliflower, turnips, beetroot, white, red and green cabbage, curly kale, carrots, Brussels sprouts and gherkins.

These products are distributed using the following means of transport: “walking floors”, tippers, hoppers and tarpaulin tilt trucks. The products are transported in a variety of containers: wooden or plastic boxes, outer boxes or in bulk. We are one of a kind when it comes to the industrial trade in cucumbers. A number of factories that we supply make pickled slices of cucumber, and many cucumbers end up in salads, sauces and spreads.



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