Vinaigrette Salad Dressing 250ml

An exceptionally aromatic blend of herbs, lemon juice and wine vinegar, which will give the dishes a true Mediterranean character. It works perfectly as a base for salads, but you can also use it for meat and seafood dishes. Its slightly spicy taste and herbs selected with exceptional care make even a simple dish delight with a sophisticated taste.

Yogurt Salad Dressing 250ml

Extremely creamy salad dressing made on the basis of natural yogurt. It owes its taste to carefully selected herbs. Thanks to the exceptionally fluffy consistency, it goes perfectly with dishes in which the basic ingredient is cheese. It can also be used as a ready-made sauce for many pastas. It does not contain flavor enhancers or preservatives, and its deep aroma is gained due to natural ingredients.

Thousand Island Salad Dressing 250ml

A slightly spicy, creamy salad sauce with finely chopped pieces of vegetable, whose main ingredient is mayonnaise. It is a natural base for salads and meat dishes. The combination of aromatic spices with a light hint of sweetness works great as a dip for snacks. The aroma of sweet peppers and spicy herbs is an ideal blend that will give dishes a distinct taste without the need to add other spices.

French Salad Dressing 250ml

Sauce prepared on the basis of tomato paste with the addition of aromatic, fresh onion and dill. It is an ideal base for all kinds of salads, seafood and fish. It works great in vegetarian cuisine, but can also be successfully used for meat dishes. Its creamy texture, light lemon note and the aroma of ripening, sweet tomatoes make the dishes acquire a distinct and deep taste.

Italian Salad Dressing 250ml

The sauce is based on aromatic spices typical of Italian cuisine – oregano and basil. A delicate note of garlic additionally brings out the natural aroma from the dishes, giving them a unique character. Dressing goes perfectly with light salads, meat dishes and seafood. The combination of carefully selected vegetable oil with a note of thyme brings out the natural taste of dishes and makes it possible to prepare a real Italian feast at home.

Balsamic Salad Dressing 250ml

A mild, extremely delicate balsamic sauce is the basis of Italian cuisine. Gives dishes a deep and sophisticated taste. It is the most important ingredient in the most famous Italian snack Caprese. It goes perfectly with olives, mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, Parma ham and fresh lettuce. The base of the sauce is balsamic vinegar and basil, which give the dishes a distinct, dry taste.

Cocktail sauce 250ml

Creamy cocktail sauce, with a sweet and sour aroma, enriched with a hint of Brandy. It owes its taste to juicy, sweet varieties of tomatoes. The delicate aroma and fruity taste of the sauce make a great base for fresh vegetables, white meat, crab salads, shrimps and other seafood. Thanks to the light texture and subtle taste, it can be successfully used as a ready-made dip that will change a simple snack into a sophisticated dish.

Salsa sauce 250ml

The sauce, which was created from a combination of classic Mexican flavors – ripe peppers, aromatic onions and spicy herbs. It is an ideal addition to fried and roasted meats, which gives it a sharp, expressive taste. It is also a base for rice or pasta dishes, and its thick consistency will work as a dip for cold starters, or Nachos typical for Mexican cuisine. Chefs around the world appreciate it for its versatility and deep, paprika taste.

Chinese sauce 250ml

It is a unique combination of hot chili peppers and a distinctive garlic aroma, which brings out the real taste of Asian cuisine. Ideal for deep fried wok dishes, stewed vegetables, rice and white meat and fish. Natural aromas, a subtle note of sweetness and a rich bouquet of herbs make Chinese Sauce a ready base for oriental dishes.

Barbecue sauce 250ml

The expressive aroma of the sauce is due to spices and the aroma of grill smoke. Perfect for all kinds of meat dishes prepared on the grill. It can also be used as an additive to grilled corn or baked potatoes in foil. The slightly spicy aroma combined with the classic smoked flavor is a perfect recipe for a real American Barbecue feast!

Mustard Senf Kuhne 250ml



Kühne is one of the oldest brands in Europe. We are a family company that was founded in 1722.

Kühne Polska Sp. z o. o. is part of an international group dealing in the production of food products. The transformation of fresh vegetables into tasty snacks and additions is what Kühne can do best. Kühne quality is a commitment to customers and a guiding principle in every field of activity . Factories from Kűhne-controlled collections reach the factories . The production control of our preserves is extremely important to us. It is thanks to the carefully selected ingredients that Kűhne products have become the market leader in the production of vinegars, dressings and gherkins.

The goal of our business is to provide people with traditional products rich in nutrients. The distinctive, perfectly balanced taste is provided by the unique recipes according to which Kűhne preparations are made. Hand-picked cucumbers, cream and balsamic dressings, or naturally produced vinegar – all based on selected ingredients to preserve the natural and deep taste of vegetables. The best confirmation of the exceptional quality of Kűhne products is the trust of our consumers around the world.

The Kűhne brand is present in over 50 countries. For years, K przethne preserves have enriched dishes with a truly deep aroma. This aroma is due to carefully developed recipes, which we remain faithful to as a brand, so that our consumers always receive from us a valuable and full of flavor product.

Kuhne Polska Sp. z o. o. is one of the largest producers of spirit vinegar in Poland.

We are dynamically developing our production technology to ensure the highest quality of Vinegar , which we subject to ultrafiltration and examine the highest class devices in our laboratories. We operate in accordance with corporate social responsibility and in harmony with the natural environment , here is a very good example of our decision not to produce vinegar in plastic packaging, so-called PET. We make vinegar only in glass bottles.

Our offer includes a wide range of vinegar flavors and aromas, rich in nutrients and prepared according to traditional recipes. We produce 10% and 20% spirit vinegar and vinegar marinade. In addition to classic products, we also offer many others:BIO, apple, white wine, red wine, balsamic, herbal or tarragon . We offer our vinegar for B2B in 10l, 25l, 1000l, IBC packaging or in bulk in tanks . All our vinegars are produced using natural methods: generator and acetator. In our B2B offer we also have many variants of mustard as a raw material for the production of sauces, mayonnaise.


Kuhne Polska Sp. z o. o

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58-307 Wałbrzych

Website : kuehne.pl