Retro Vanilla Roulette

Retro Crocq’ Almond

Retro Cat’s Tongue Cookies

Retro Sprits

Pastry Bag Raspberry

Base Miserable

Pastry Bag Vanilla

Ring Tonka Milk Chocolate

Mini ring Pana Cotta Ecuador Chocolate

Milk Chocolate Bar Caramel

Dark Chocolate Bar Panna Cotta Ecuador

White Chocolate Bar Vanilla

Mini Gaufrettes Maroilles Cheese

Mini Gaufrettes Chorizo Mozzarella

Mini Gaufrettes Tomato Basil

Traditional Butter cakes


Assortment Friands

Biscuit Almond Meringue

Assortment Nougatine Chocolate

Délice Apricot

Délice Raspberry

Assortment Butter Biscuits Extra Fine

Mini Cupcakes

Cupcake Chocolate Collection

Cupcake Fruit Collection

Quiche Lorraine

Quiche Chef’s Style

Quiche Bleu d’Auvergne Pear Almond

Quiche Brie Bacon Breydel




Assortment Butter Waffles


Crispy Coconut

Crocos Chocolate


Meringue Choco Nips

Meringue Mocha Hazelnut

Meringue Traditionnel

Granola # 3 Cacao

Granola # 5 Pecan Almond

Granola # 7 Cashew Banana


Dentelles Mint

Dentelles Raspberry

Rastoria Almond

Assortment Cannelloni

Assortment Petit Cornet

Carré Cappuccino


Crispy Coconut

Crocos Chocolate


Cracker Chocolate

Cracker Red Curry

Cracker Rose Water

Cracker Saffron

Bordalou Apple

Bordalou Basis

Bordalou Peach

Bordalou Pear

Mini Quiche Ham Leek Duvel

Mini Quiche Mediterranean

Mini Quiche Ricotta Spinache

Mini Amelioras Rose

Mini Amelioras Coriander

Mini Amelioras Peppermint

Mini Amelioras Hibiscus

Sphere Jade Chocolade

Sphere Jade Mascarpone

Sphere Jade Raspberry

Chocolate Spears

Biscuit to Break Almond

Biscuit to Break Chocolate

Assortment Butter Waffles


Assortiment Mocques

Assortment Mini cakes


About Didess

From butter biscuit to ‘creative taste experience’ …

In honour of our 20th anniversary, we decided to tell our story through cartoons. Read our history here, from our founding in 1996 to our first Pop-Up ‘Creative Taste Experience’ in 2016.

1999: The first move for Didess

Due to lack of space, Didess moves to a larger building with an area of 500m2.


Since 2005, Didess has been operating in a brand new 6000 m² bakery that will continue to meet the strictest European standards well into the future. In order to be able to meet these requirements and standards, which serve to safeguard our hygiene and your product, Didess earned the crucial IFS certificate in 2008. With this certificate, Didess is fully ready to export all over the world. A team of more than 35 patissiers and employees are available day and night to prepare your orders with the necessary care and expertise.

R&D Food Revolution

R& D food Revolution stands for innovation in the culinary world. Rudi Van Beylen and Dirk Peeters have brought the flavours of Albert Adrià to the market. They have pooled their expertise and creativity with that of Albert Adrià. This has created surprising concepts that are already being used by many chefs today. R & D Food Revolution has only one result in mind: “Being a supplier of creativity by offering innovative top products!”



Brulens 18

B-2275 Lille


Website : www.didess.be