Cocoa biscuits with cocoa coating (41%)

Biscuits covered with cocoa-milk coating (34%)

Cocoa biscuits with cocoa coating (44%)

Cocoa biscuits covered with cocoa coating

Biscuit fingers with milk and cocoa-milk coating (40%)

Cocoa biscuit fingers with cocoa coating (40%)

Biscuits with cocoa (7,3%) covered with cocoa-milk coating (45,2%)

Biscuits with bee-honey (1%), walnuts (0,5%) and cinnamon (0,5%) covered with cocoa-milk coating (45,2%)

Vanilla biscuits covered with cocoa-milk coating (45,2%)

Cocoa biscuits with peanut creme (20,1%), cocoa-milk coating (30,4%) and peanut sprinkling (20,2%)

Mini wafers with cocoa creme

Mini wafers with strawberry creme

Wafer with cocoa creme and cocoa-milk coating

Mini wafers with milk creme

Marshmallow cakes with strawberry flavour with cocoa-milk coating

Marshmallow cakes with coffee creme and cocoa-milk coating

Marshmallows – strawberry

Marshmallows – tutti frutti

Chocolate wafer bar with cocoa cream

Dark chocolate

Milk chocolates

Wafer cone with cocoa creme and cocoa coating

Wafer cone with vanilla creme and cocoa coating

Hard candies with peppermint flavour

Hard candies with herbal flavour

Crispy bread snacks – sea salt

Grissini with sea salt



History and Traditions

Our company has a history of 25 years. For this quarter of a century we’ve lived through many moments – joyous with success, worrying with economic quakes, happy with our clients’ good words… For these 25 years life of many people have intertwined with our history, as second generation in many families work in the company. 25 years is a serious age, behind which is a long history.


In the beginning was the trade with confectionery products. In 1994, the company “Semela – Veselin Dimitrov” ЕТ is established – a small company, established for trading food products, mainly biscuits, wafers and croissants. Then nobody in the company, even in their wildest dreams had not imagined that over the years it will evolve to the holding company “Semela Invest” AD, in which the main place occupies the present-day production company “ZIV” EOOD, which is fully oriented in the production and trade of food. “ZIV” EOOD reaches fourth in the Top 25 of confectionery manufacturers in Bulgaria and is the second largest exporter in the business.




Correspondence Address:

8, Kamchiya Str.,

96000 Balchik,

Website : ziv.bg