Borsec, the most powerful Romanian brand

Borsec has, once again, been recognised as the most powerful local brand in the 100 Most Powerful Romanian brands ranking, launched by Biz Magazine, together with research company Unlock Market Research. Borsec is the champion of Romanian brands, ranking first; a brand close to the hearts of consumers.

BrandRo, the “100 Most Powerful Romanian Brands” ranking, currently in its eighth edition, assesses the “power” of Romanian brands in terms of the trust and affection afforded to them by consumers, without taking financial and commercial indices into account.

The survey is based on 1,000 online interviews and it is representative of the urban environment, regionally, by urbanization rate, gender and the 18-to-55 age bracket.

Prestige for over 210 years

Above all, Borsec natural mineral water is a celebration in itself. A celebration of perpetual youth, endless health, vitality and energy. It is a celebration of youth as, with its persistent and fun effervescence, it helps to keep you youthful and buoyant. It is a celebration of health as the renown of the Borsec springs, and their therapeutic properties, precedes it. It is a celebration of vitality and energy because, as has been proven, mineral water alone can provide beneficial energy, generating exuberant dynamism.

Ideal for babies, recommended for the entire family

The oligomineral water Aquatique is sourced from the heart of the Carpathian Mountains, at a height of 1,100 m, in the protected area of the Bucegi Natural Park, the “Abruptul Prahovean” natural reserve. With a balanced composition and low mineralization, of only 104 mg/l, Aquatique is a natural mineral water recommended for frequent use by the entire family.

Aquatique meets the composition and purity-related criteria for use by babies and children, the recommended mineral water content being below 120 mg/l.

A drop of life in the heart of Transylvania, in the Calimani Mountains

Climbing from the heart of the Caliman Mountains – volcanic mountains, the natural mineral water of Stânceni is one of the few natural oligo morphological waters that offer optimal hydration and good functioning of the body. The Stânceni hydromineral reservoir is situated in the southern part of the Călimani Mountains, in the Mureş Defile of the Mureş Landscape, on the valley of the Mermezeu brook, at approx. 6 km upstream of its confluence with the Mureş River. The place of occurrence of mineral water sources is at an altitude of 800 m, in a forested area, away from any human activity.

In its natural state, the natural mineral water “Stânceni” is carbonated and comes from andestic volcanic rocks. The aquifer is powered by infiltration of rainwater to an estimated depth of approx. 200 m, where the mixture with carbon dioxide from post-volcanic manifestations is made, the main mineralizing and hydrodynamic factor. (Natural Mineral Water Guide – APEMIN)

The beginning of the bottling activity dates back to 1977, when bottled water in 1 liter bottles was distributed more locally in Mures County. Later, in 2006, a new, modern, greenfield investment factory built by Romaqua Group is being built.

The delicious fruit flavour for all tastes

Launched by the Romaqua Group Borsec in 2005, the Giusto Natura range of soft drinks enjoyed immediate success, with the brand becoming, after just three years, the leader of the still drinks market in Romania, in terms of volume.

Consumers were delighted to discover the taste and natural flavours of oranges, grapefruits, cherries, pineapples, tropical fruits, bananas and strawberries, pears and peaches, while appreciating the quality and the special taste of the products.


The effervescent flavour of fun

Romaqua Groups entered the carbonated soft drinks market in May 2004. Their soft drinks range was launched under the Giusto brand, combining mountain water from the Bușteni region and fruit juice. The obvious benefits of this product are quality, variety and design.

In addition to innovative flavours, such as Bitter Lemon Green, Giusto also has special flavours such as lemon and elderflower, grapes or lemonade, aiming to adjust to consumer requirements, while preserving the flavours of classic products established on the Romanian market: oranges or tropical fruits.


Your dose of action, always within your reach

Energy boosts provided by tonic drinks have turned into a lifestyle for numerous students during intense exam periods, for those who prefer to study at night, as well as for drivers who have to cover long distances on crowded roads. Even for fitness coaches wishing to attain performance and regain their internal-energy feel, energy drinks have become a lifestyle constant.


Vision for the future

Romaqua Group Borsec is an entirely domestic, privately held company, established in 1998, with a turnover of 155 million euro. Throughout its more than 21 years of activity, significant investments have been made, totalling over 220 million euro, particularly in global state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, with a view to obtaining products which meet the highest quality standards.


The Group has approximately 2,000 employees at 6 plants in Borsec, Bucharest, Bușteni, Sebeș, and Stânceni. The Sebeș brewery is a greenfield project completed in the year 2008, equipped with the most modern technology available worldwide at the time.



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