Who are we?


The “Beurrerie de Rochefort” or “Beurrerie Mathot-SOFRA” was founded in 1948 by Arthur MATHOT, assisted by his wife. Since then there has been regular expansion, and it now supplies more than one third of the Belgian butter market.

In 1999, on a request from the town of Rochefort, it recommenced manufacture of Rochefort cheese, using the authentic recipes of the Trappist monks who had been forced to cease their activity through lack of manpower.

For some years the company Mathot-SOFRA has exported to neighbouring and more distant countries in the European Union, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Slovenia, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, and it is increasingly exporting outside Europe: Africa, America, Middle East and Far East.

Know-how / financial solidity

Boasting almost 60 years of experience, Mathot-Sofra satisfies a demanding clientele which includes confectioners, restaurateurs and hoteliers, or simply families who appreciate the fine taste of fresh butter.

Thanks to the cheese know-how it has gained from the Trappist monks, the Rochefort dairy will enable your clients to prepare tasty dishes using young and medium matured cheeses.
Its medium matured cheeses, seaweed cheeses and Trappist beer cheeses are the ideal ingredients for warm culinary preparations like “croque-monsieurs” [toasted cheese sandwiches], cheese soufflés, fondues, and so on.

Thanks to the constant quality of its products, its service and its administrative management, its financial stability and its respect for the rules of food hygiene, the company Mathot-SOFRA represents a benchmark partner from which you can purchase butters and cheeses, and every day it endeavours to remain so.

To ensure client loyalty, offer them quality products! Choose Mathot-Sofra.

Quality certification and insurance
Our production chain is certified by
– BRC – Global Standard Food, Version 5, Level A.
– IFS FOOD – Internarional Food Standard version 5, superior level.

Family management

The sons and daughters of the founder, Arthur Mathot, continue their stable and dynamic family management. They are assisted in their tasks by motivated and professional staff.

Respect for sound values and a good working atmosphere are key words in the Mathot-SOFRA organisation.


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B-5561 Celles-Houyet

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