Abondance is a cheese from Savoie, it’s made of whole milk from a breed of cow called Bountiful,” slowly coagulated at a temperature of 27 ° C. It is an AOC cheese since 1990.
Abondance is produced in small manufacturing workshops called “fruitières.”
Abondance cheese matures at least three months on spruce planks in cellars after being worked on by hand.
TextureFirm but supple, it melts in the mouth
Its tasteSalty with a touch of bitterness
Its flavor: Fruity, slightly salty

Twice a year, we taste and select the best wheels, and put them aside for our existing and new customers.


Affidelice is a soft cheese with lactic curd made in Burgundy. Its crust is smooth or slightly wrinkled and shiny, ivory orange to brick red. The rind is washed two to three times per week with Chablis wine. It is related to the Epoisse.

Texture: creamy with a slightly friable heart

Flavor: balanced

Taste: frank and typical


Brie de Melun is an AOC product.

It is made from raw milk that is left to drain slowly. It is a lightly salted soft cheese with a superficial molded rind, and it keeps a dominantly milky aroma. The crust is thin and covered with a white felting dotted with red, brown, or possibly burgundy streaks, and the surface of the cheese can be slightly crimped.

Its texture: Soft and creamy with age
Its taste: Slightly salty
Its flavor: Very strong, becomes stronger with maturing


Comté is an AOC product.

Pressed cooked cheese, Comté is made of partially skimmed raw cow’s milk and it has a soft and creamy texture.

The Comté cheese is developed by craftsmen with milk from cows of the French Montbeliardor Simmental breed. The cows are fed exclusively with grass and hay.

It is possible to obtain Comté cheese from different seasons.

  • Summer Comté: Fruity aromas
  • Winter Comté: Nutty, vegetable or more intense roasted flavors
  • Its texture: Varies with milk


Epoisses cheese is a unique soft cheese with a lactic curd. Its rind is smooth,or slightly wrinkled and shiny, and its color ranges from orange ivory to red brick, depending on its maturation time. Its iconic red color comes from yeast and ferment; the use of dyes is prohibited. It is washed with marc de Bourgogne.

Texture: creamy with a slightly friable heart

Taste: balanced

Flavor: frank, strong, with notes of dried fruit.


At the end of the 19th century, “Morbier” was born in a small village of the same name located in the Franche-Comté region. It was prepared in two steps by the local peasants: the cheese curd made with the morning milk was placed into cheese molds and then ash (which has antiseptic properties) was sprinkled over the surface to protect it until the evening.

Its texture: Soft, smooth, and creamy
Its taste: Strong
Its flavor: Fruity with a light creamy flavor


Originally manufactured in a city located between Lisieux and Deauville, the Pont L’Evêque cheese rind is rather smooth, and its color varies from golden yellow to orange. Its slightly rebounded appearance, color, creamy and soft taste makes it an extremely pleasant cheese.
Square in shape, usually 10 cm square and 3 cm to 3.5 cm high, weighing about 400 grams.

Its texture: Creamy and soft
Its Taste: Lightly salted
Its flavor: Subtle and refined, fruity flavors like hazelnut


Roquefort belongs to the blue cheese family.
It is the most consumed cheese in France after the Comté and it is also one of the most renowned blue cheeses with Gorgonzola and Stilton. Roquefort cheese melts fully in the mouth and leaves a pleasant taste of salt and mold. Its very typical character makes it one of the great French cheeses.
The Roquefort matures for at least 3 months in the fresh and damp natural caves of the “Combalou” mountain. The cracks in the rock serve as natural ventilation. Roquefort has a cylindrical shape of 20 cm in diameter and is about 9 cm thick. It weighs between 2.5 and 2.9 kg.

The mold that gives Roquefort its distinctive character, Penicillium roqueforti, is found in the soil of the local caves and has the ability to ferment the cheese.

Traditionally, the cheese makers extract the mold by leaving rye and wheat bread in the caves for six weeks until it is consumed by the mold. The interior of the bread is then use to seed the Roquefort, which is done with a needle. After 4 weeks of maturing, the cheese is wrapped in aluminum foil to prevent pests from eating them.


About us

We are located in the Rungis Market.

Covering an area of 234 hectares including 72.7 ha of covered space, the market is supplied by trucks, trains and planes (Orly airport is located near the market) from around the world.

The Rungis Market in numbers:

– 2nd economic center of Ile de France after the Business Center of Defense
– A turnover of nearly 8.5 billion €
– 2.4 million tons of food delivered.
– Providing food for 18 million consumers, 11 million of which are located in Ile de France.
– More than 1,200 Companies are located in Rungis.

It is also the largest fresh produce market in the world.

Our Location

” Au Fromager de Rungis .com ” is a service provided by the Maison Prodilac located in the Dairy Products area in building D4.
Prodilac® snc was founded in 2002 at the time of the merger of Beurlait (dairy product wholsesaler) and “La Maison du Gruyère” (hard cheeses specialist: Comté, Emmental, Gruyere, Cantal, Salers). These two companies have been doing business at the Rungis international market since 1969.

Prodilac® snc is a major player of the “cheese” pavilions with its wide range of dairy products: milk, butter, cream, cheese specialties and traditional cheeses, eggs.

One of the major asset for Prodilac is its cheese cellar where our cellar master has selected a qualitative collection of cheese that meets the regional consumption habits and the demands of its retail customers

Our desire today, thanks to our strong French experience, is to export our best products.

A Professional Team
Antoine Boyer

Warm and passionate leader of Prodilac SNC, a major brand of the PLA industry, Antoine Boyer continues the commitment of the company on the path of quality and modernization: This is what they are saying about him in Rungis!


His team of 27 people is entirely focused on the products and customers. Each sales assistant is responsible for a sales space which has to meet the expectations of buyers.

The strength of our team is the training and specialization of each person.

Our sales assistants have the responsibility to choose each product they present to their customers and they have at heart to seek outstanding and exceptional products to satisfy them.

Thus, they develop close working relationships with their producers.

A one of a kind cheese cellar

Au Fromager de relies on a major advantage of the home of Gryuere: Its whole cheese cellar, where the best cheeses are gathered together: Comté, French Emmental, Swiss, Beaufort, and Abondance.

Our cellar master visits the cheese refiners regularly to select the best cheese: these are crucial contacts in order to select the best products at different times of the year, therefore making “Au Fromager de” an expert at the international level for the distribution of Premium cheese.




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