At the 3rd klm of Agia – Larissa and at Melivia.

Our facilities are located in the 3rd km of the road Agia – Larissa and are equipped with 20 controlled atmosphere chambers, pre-cooling chambers, cold load-in areas and 2 packaging plants (area: 8.000 sq. m. / storage capability: 7.000 tons).

In the packaging plants there are advanced grading and packaging lines for apples and cherries, as well as micro-packaging machinery. For the safe distribution of our products we use our privately-owned refrigerated-vehicles.

Our modern facilities for the reception of cherries and chestnuts are located at Melivoia.

Alongside, we’ve created a brand new facility with a space of 4,000 sq.m., which includes 12 controlled atmosphere chambers of 1,500 m² each, which can store up to 2,500,000 kilograms of kiwi.